Pete Lupo, Wildlife Artist, Lenoir, NC




"An artist's greatest ambition in life ought to be to move hearts and open minds."
Eric Maizel, PhD

There are artists who paint, and there are sculptors who carve. There are naturalists who understand nature, and there are spiritualists who celebrate the connection between all life. Pete Lupo is all of these, artfully rolled into one.

Pete is more than a wood carver; he's a true artist and sculptor of life. His connection to nature and the lessons learned from the animals and plants is reflected in all of his work.

Great beauty and meaning is found in the ordinary objects that surround us. Pete shares these insights with us in each piece of his art.

As you experience this website, you'll come to see his gift of knowledge and interconnectedness with all life, reflected in his artistic creations.

photos of Pete Lupo's artwork




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